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Defaced by Spy_Unkn0wn //mx0nday
Defaced by Spy_Unkn0wn //mx0nday
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Red Stag Season
We got a monster red stag...
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Red Stag Season

After a long season, finally we got him!

It was a long and cold season. We had sunny and snowy days... After the snow left the roar started again, the valley sounded like orchestra. Stags singing all over.

This is when in the last morning, just giving up the hunt, we were heading back to the truck. In an open field I (Lucas - guide), saw 4 hind crossing. Immediately I stop and told the hunter: "No hind walks alone. There must be a monster behind them"

Just 1 second after, he came out. No time to lose, the hunter used a pine tree to support his 30 06 rifle and made a 200 meters shoot trough the fog. 

It took us 1 hour to track him. Once we found him inside the pine plantation we realise how huge it was.

The best part is that this is not the bigest one on the estancia, there are bigger ones hiding. 

We are waiting for them to make the mistake of there life... 

Join us and be one the hunters to get a wild monster red stag on the Andes Mountains.


Lucas O'Farrell 

- Guide/Lodge Manager/Owner of "The Lodges Company" -


    Luigi Bosca            
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