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Defaced by Spy_Unkn0wn //mx0nday
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Red Stag Season
We got a monster red stag...
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Hunting Tour 16 - 06 - 2011

We pick up our two Hawaiian friends from Ezeiza International Airport...

We thought, we where about to have a bad hunting season because of the ashes coming from the Chilean Volcano.

Instead, we had excellent results.

We hunted 25 ducks plus 5 perdiz in the morning per hunter. Afterwards we had a nice meal and we prepare to go out again for doves and some pigeons...

The 5,000 hectares = 12,355 acre, with irrigation system for the rice plantation is the perfect place for lots of ducks and for hunt them all year round.

One evening, our two Hawaiian friends wanted to try the enclosure (200 hectares = 494 acres). So we prepare the 30 06 rifle and start tracking the boars, deers... After 4 hours walking we got 2 boars and 2 deers... 

Next year this two very good friends of "The Lodges Company" are coming back for shooting 100% ducks (25 ducks in the morning + 25 ducks in the evening), more deers and boars...

Recommendation: We already have some bookings for next season. Don't miss this your opportunity, book your trip before is to late.

Thanks to our Hawaiian friends for this wonderful hunting days with us.

"The Lodges Company". 



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