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Red Stag Season
We got a monster red stag...
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Quillen Lodge
Fly Fishing - Hunting Argentina, Northern Patagonia

In 1908 Don Juan Lagos Mármol was appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs to investigate claims made by the settlers of Catan-Lil, a small town located in the province of Neuquén, 300 km southwest of Quillén Lodge. Obeying orders, he traveled by train to Neuquén and from there on horseback the rest of the way. After riding for a whole week he finally reached the town. While working on the investigation, he met Don Alejandro Arze, a local landowner, who mentioned the possibility of renting two private properties of 20.000 hectares each. Don Juan fell in love with the land and its people and decided to go ahead with the rental. After a few years, he finally decided to buy the land and build what Quillén Lodge is today, a paradise on earth.

Located in the very heart of Northern Patagonia and named after the majestic Lanín Volcano of 3776mts. above sea level, the Lanín National Park unfailingly impresses visitors from far and wide. With its lovely mountains, green forests, turquoise lakes, crystal clear rivers, and unique flora, the Lanín National park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the Argentine Patagonia.

- Distance from Quillén Lodge to the airport in Chapelco: 120 km.
- Distance from Quillén Lodge to San Martín de los Andes: 135 km.
- Distance from Quillén Lodge to the city of Neuquén: 340 km.
- Distance from Quillén Lodge to Buenos Aires: 1600 km.

Quillén Lodge has its own private airstrip, 950 yards long.

Lodge Acomodation
The main house with its cozy country style was built with local timber and strategically placed. Breakfasts on the verandah and sharing drinks facing the spectacular sunsets by the fireplace are a unique pleasure. 

Our cottage is very cozy for you and your friends or family. We have 6 rooms with 2 bathrooms, 2 dinning room, fire place and a living room.

All Lodges has the same type of menu.
Breakfast – Fruits, cereals, milk, juice, etc.. are always at the table. The only thing you have to tell our chef is how would you like your eggs and bacon.
Lunch & Dinner – We always have the open bar to eat delicius appetizers with excellent Argentinian red wines and any type of drinks that you like.
Last day – Generally we make a lamb barbecue so we can have a nice time with all the satff and guessts.

         Brown Trout
         Rainbow Trout
         Brook Trout
         Red Stag
         Wild Boar

Fly fishing - River Quillén, a classic valley river and home to aloof brown trout and voracious rainbow trout, is one of the best places for dry fly fishing in the Argentine Patagonia. Its crystal clear waters, where catch and release is compulsory, are exclusively for our guests. Only small groups of two to eight fishermen are allowed within 10 miles of river. Although 8 pounders have been caught by the more expert ones, fish of 2 to 4 pounds are common in Quillén's runs, riffles, and pools. The Malalco stream, an amazing spring creek and tributary of River Quillén is not always open because of conservation measures, which makes it every fisherman's dream. If that isn’t enough, we also fish with our motorboat at Quillen Lake and with drift boats at the Alumine River.
The fishing season in Patagonia runs from November to April.

From the beginning of the season to the end of December the river runs deep and is ideal for fishing with bigger dry flies such as atractors, nymphs and streamers.

From January to March the flow noticeably decreases and the water temperature rises, allowing for a more precise fishing ideal for small dry flies. Towards the end of March, the waters run deep again making it an ideal river surrounded by the stunning colors of Autumn.

Recommended Equipment
Rods: # 5 or # 6.
Lines: Sinking y Floating.
Hooks for Dry Flies: from #16 to # 20 - Yellow Humpy & Dragon Flies (sizes 12 & 14) –
Hooks for Wet Flies: from # 12 to # 16 - Nymphs (size 16) - Woolly Bugger: (size 12)
Leaders: 4x , 5x & 6x.
Tippets: 4x, 5x & 6x.
Dry Flies: Royal Wolf, Addams, Irresistible Addams, Caddis, Yellow Humpi, March Brown, Tarantula, Mosquito, Draggon Fly, Grass Hopper, Light Cahil.
Nymphs: Prince, Carrot, Bitch Creek, Montana, Black Leech, Higenaga, Green Nymph, Zug Bug.
Streamers: Wolly Bugger.

Big game
Come and enjoy a free range hunting. Try to find your red stag or  your wild boar over 20,000 hectares = 49,421 acres. Big and unique stags you will find at our estancia.

Horse rides - Travell with your family and let them enjoy an excellent horse ride over our lovelly mountains, volcanoes, rivers, etc,  meanwhile you search your best trout, stag or boar.

    Luigi Bosca            
Contact in Argentina +54 9 11 6122 6430 / mail:
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