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Punta Caballos
Wing Shooting + Big Game + Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina, Entre Rios

10 years ago the Torreta family bought 5.000 hectares = 12.300 acres at the Entre Rios Province. This huge estancia it's over the Uruguay River (the highway  of the ducks). In this estancia the family started using it for rice fields (2.000 hectares = 4.900 acres), cattle and soy beans plantation. 5 years ago Ramon (co-partner of the Torreta family) started building up a hunting and fishing lodge. Nowadays they have 3 bungalows, the main lodge, an enclosure of 200 hectares = 490 acres.

Punta Caballos Lodge is just 2 hours driving from Buenos Aires. Is at the Entre Rios province, near by Gualeguaychu city.

Lodge Acomodation
Main Lodge: Dinner Room, living room, tv room and pool room.

Each bungalow has 2 or 3 doble room, with a private bathroom on each room. Some of the Bungalows has their own living room, but all of them has their own deck with a wonderfull view to the Uruguay River and to the enclosure.

Small Game: Ducks (at least 7 species), Doves, Perdiz and some Pigeons.
Big Game: Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Ram Horn, Wild Boar.

Mix Bag: On the morning we go out hunting Ducks and Perdiz. In the evening we go for a lot of doves and some perdiz.

Full day Duck: On the mornig we go out out hunting for Ducks and in the evening also.

Big Game: Insted of going for doves you can go and have nice axis deer or a water buffalo. You can also go out the entire day hunting big game.

Fly fishing: On December is when we open the fishing season for Golden Dorado at the lodge.

Recommended Equipment
For the duck shooting we recomend a 12 gauge, for the dove shooting 20 gauge is ok. For the big game we have 308 rifle. Nowadays we recomend you to rent everything at the lodge. It's hard to bring your own guns from the USA.

    Luigi Bosca            
Contact in Argentina +54 9 11 6122 6430 / mail:
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