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Season 2015  
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Red Stag Season
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Pago Chico
Wing Shooting Madariaga, Buenos Aires

Location & Hunt
Just 4 hours driving from Buenos Aires, we arrive to Madariaga. Place full of crops, ponds and flogs of Rosy-billed Poachard duck. You will also hunt for the following ducks: Black-headed, Ringed teal, Silver Teal, White-cheeked Pintail, Cinnamon Teal, Red Shoveler, Speckled Teal, Yellow-billed Pintail, Southern Wigeon and the famous whistling-duck. If the ducks are not enough we also offer pigeon/dove and perdiz.

For those who would like bigger animals we also have Axis Deer and Boars.

Our "future" lodge will be of 4 double rooms, with private bathroom each room. Dinner + living room. "Ask the office for more info regarding lodging"

All Lodges has the same type of menu.
Breakfast – Fruits, cereals, milk, juice, etc.. are always at the table. The only thing you have to tell our chef is how would you like your eggs and bacon.
Lunch & Dinner – We always have the open bar to eat delicius appetizers with excellent Argentinian red wines and any type of drinks that you like.
Last day – Generally we make a lamb barbecue so we can have a nice time with all the satff and guessts.

         Rosy-billed Pochard
         Ringed teal
         Silver Teal
         White-cheeked Pintail
         Cinnamon Teal
         Red Shoveler
         Speckled Teal
         Yellow-billed Pintail
         Southern Wigeon
         Eared Dove
         Spot-Winged Pigeon
         Pica Zuro Pigeon
Generally we go out before sunrise to the blinds. After the duck hunt we shoot some perdiz. When we finish shooting perdiz we go back to the lodge, take a rest for the evening hunt. In evening we go for pigeon/doves or d

Recommended Equipment
For the wing shooting we recomend 12 gauge semi-auto.

For big game we recomend 30 06, 300 wing mag.

Big game
Come and enjoy a free range hunting. Try to find your axis deer or your boar over 4,000 hectares = 9,884 acres. Big and unique axis you will find.

    Luigi Bosca            
Contact in Argentina +54 9 11 6122 6430 / mail:
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