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Bristol Bay Lodge
Fly Fishing United States, Alaska

Founded in 1972, Bristol Bay Lodge sits on a wooded rise overlooking Lake Aleknagik and the surrounding mountains of Wood-TikChik Park. The lodge presides over a quiet scenic bay some 40 air miles northwest of the small, remote town of Dillingham, 300 miles west of the nearest connecting northwest road system.

Bristol Bay Lodge is located 350 miles SW of Anchorage.
The closest town to the lodge is Dillingham which is the village that you will fly into from Anchorage Alaska. Among the oldest established lodges in Alaska, Bristol Bay Lodge is set on a picturesque wooded rise at the western end of Lake Aleknagik in the heart of Wood-Tikchik State Park. Encompassing more than 1.6 million acres, the park boasts 14 major lakes and their connecting river systems. Another three major river systems are adjacent to Wood-Tikchik’s western boundary within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. The lodge’s proximity to these watersheds provides more fishing and less travel time.

Lodge Acomodation
Main Lodge: Catering to up to 26 guests, the well-appointed lodge offers casually elegant wilderness living fifilled with creature comforts that enhance an atmosphere of camaraderie. The main lodge houses our completely equipped professional kitchen, dining room, massage room, large living room with bar area, library and a huge flfly tying bench. The famous see-through fifireplace is fronted by a panoramic view of Lake Aleknagik. We have eight bedrooms in the main lodge as well as a fully equipped fly and tackle shop. Our guests can arrive with nothing but a waterproof jacket and be fully outfifitted. In warm weather, the lodge’s screened-in and open decks are the favorite gathering places for appetizers, cocktails and weekly barbecues. The massage service, hot tub and sauna get lots of use after fishing— relaxing tired muscles. Set around the lodge, but private in every regard, are four cedar cabins, often used for small groups or families. Each cabin is different, offering its own character, yet all enjoy scenic views of Lake Aleknagik.

Birch Creek Camp is built on the upper Middle Fork of the legendary Goodnews River. This is a classic freestone river of medium size containing a healthy resident population of ‘leopard rainbows’ and grayling. All five species of Pacific salmon as well as sea-run dolly varden return to Birch’s crystal-clear waters at different times during the summer. Called a fly fisherman’s river due to its beautiful runs, wade and sight fishing capabilities, and the pure scenic pleasures that surround you, the fishing at Birch Creek will challenge any experienced fly fisherman and will be more than generous and rewarding for a beginner.

The private fishery at Rainbo Camp is one of those magical places that no other can match. With a healthy population of generally large and often trophy resident rainbows, all five species of Pacific salmon and sea-run dolly varden returning here at different times, it is truly an angler’s paradise. The camp is located a half mile from the Bering Sea coast and gets a daily run of fresh, chrome-bright salmon on its tides. Nowhere else do you have the choices to be had at Rainbo, with its two intimate tundra rivers, Rainbo and Wrong Turn, and the meeting place of these two tundra streams that is etched in so many memories called “the confluence.” This is a complete, private, miniature ecosystem—a privilege to fish.

                Rainbow trout  (Salmo oncorhynchus mykiss)
                Char (Salvelinus alpinus)
                Grayling (Thymallus arcticus)
                King/Chinook (O. tshawytscha)
                Sockeye/red (O. nerka)
                Chum/dog (O. keta)
                Pink/humpy (O. gorbuscha)
                Silver/coho (O. kisutch)
                Northern pike (Esox lucius)

If you want to catch the same species all week long, we may not be the lodge for you; however, if you want the full Alaska experience, seeing lots of different rivers and catching many species in one day, we are the lodge for you! There are many choices on a specific river in a given day. We believe that with the quality of fishing we enjoy combined with our unique, remote outpost camps, our guests will experience a variety of the best Alaska has to offer.

Recommended Equipment
Single-Handed Rods
We suggest two different rods:
1. 8 to 9 1/2 foot for a #5 or #6 line
2. 8 1/2 to 10 foot for #7, #8 or #9 line
Double-Handed Rods
 We recommend rods between 12 and 14 foot for the most use across the board with either Teeny/Loop shooting head type lines and Rio spey lines with various tips.
Reels and Lines
Be sure to have plenty of strong backing behind your fly line: 100 yards for #5 or #6 weights and 150- 200 yards for anything larger is a good rule of thumb.
Floating, sink- tip, and sinking/shooting heads allow the angler to reach the proper depths at which the fish may be holding.

    Luigi Bosca            
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